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An image of a stream can, in most cases, become captured at an instantaneous moment, thus depicting only the truth of that time. Yet, a stream takes over the realms of continuity, bringing promise of an eventual change; however, the means taken to produce this paradigm shift oft comes at the expense of others.

This cost happens in the form of placeholders, or interim invented truths, as in most cases a placeholder is used as a diversion until it is opportune to reveal the true context in which the placeholder inhabits. Often in design, Latin text is used in place of the true copy, until the true copy becomes relevant to present. In the case of my artwork, fluids are presented as a visual metaphor to mask and offer a distraction in place of actual truth, until an opportune moment of revelation.

Sugar is of a temporary nature, as is water: both are subject to conditions that result in purging. The sugar can be removed with the use of water and force, while water can be evaporated away, almost as if either were never really there. In due time, it is the placeholders that –upon evaporation and removal– are forgotten, and the intended, ideal content is what is ultimately retained in the memory of others, and of time itself.

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Oil on Masonite, 2011

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Self-Titled is an art collective comprised of four good friends who met during art classes at Etobicoke School of the Arts. Together, we create art that embodies many themes, covers an array of mediums, and uses what knowledge and values we have picked up in the four years at school.

Next year we are parting ways as we all leave Toronto to enrich our artistic education even further. Our collective -and website- acts as a memento of our time at Etobicoke School of the Arts. We are Self-Titled.


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Self-Titled is Jean-Luc Lindsay, Madeline Watson, Andrea Chartrand, and Daniel Hritzkiv.